Wireless alarm and communication solutions with focus on personal safety

What we do

One of Europe’s leading companies within wireless alarm and messaging solutions

We deliver personal alarm and communication solutions with a focus on safety and security. The aim is to help create safer workplaces and our products are well suited to the most diverse environments – from exclusive hotels, large cruise ships and schools to correctional institutions with extreme demand on personal safety and security.

Health & Social care

Our products are designed to work around the clock and specially developed for 24/7/365 use by nurses and caregivers.

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Reliable solutions specially developed for nurses and caregivers. Our solutions are designed to work around the clock as communication is critical and can be the difference between life and death.

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Make your hotel a safer and happier place with wireless security! We integrate our system with e.g. fire alarms and business systems, so you get everything together in one unit.

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Specially developed devices for the needs of heavy industry and demanding environments. Robust, weatherproof and impact-resistant telephony as well as alarms with precise positioning.

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Our solutions for infrastructure are designed to protect critical societal facilities in emergencies, accidents and threats, and play a crucial role in maintaining stability/safety in society.

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Our wireless technology is the perfect fit for offshore installations, and is trouble-free within a ship built of steel. Increase safety and accessibility, with seamless coverage throughout the ship.

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The feeling of security in your own home begins at the gate. Increase security in your home or housing cooperative with the right intercom, with which you can control access to visitors.

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Using smart, wireless phones and assault alarms increases security while improving workflow and service, as colleagues can reach each other from anywhere in the building.

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School Safety

Crisis communication systems with features such as spoken containment/evacuation messages through loudspeakers, locked doors and surveillance cameras. Invaluable in a situation of ongoing violence or threat.

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Alarm and communication products designed for the most diverse environments, including smart features to increase safety in workplaces where there may be threats or violence.

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What we offer

Products from reliable, world-class suppliers

Our solutions include unique, precise indoor location, voice communication, staff attack, video integration and text messaging.


For communication where traditional devices are not suitable. An intercom is the first contact you have with a company – let it be a representative contact.

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Alarm & Messaging

You can get information from burglar alarms, fire alarms or other higher-level systems directly to your phone and it is presented in a clear and concise manner.

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Location Beacons

Use our positioning transmitters to define the exact location in an indoor environment. The transmitters are compatible with both handsets and portable alarms.

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Messaging System

CMS (COBS Messaging Server) is the heart of all alarm & message solutions and can be expanded or adapted as customers' needs change.

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2N® - Door phones & intercom on IP

The product family includes both IP-based port phones and more specialised products such as SIP-Audio, which enables e.g. speaker call and speaker information.

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Zenitel – Intercom & Critical communications

Outstanding built-in security applications, including system monitoring of all devices and tone control of all microphones and speakers.

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Portable Alarm Transmitters

COBS alarm transmitters are designed to be used in the most varied environments and they are optimized for customers who need personal security in a small design.

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VoIP Gateways & Deskphones

IP gateways and IP based communication solutions for our customers in Sweden. Systems and solutions with serverless switches built on stable hardware for maximum availability.

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Wireless Communication

Wireless voice communication with text, messages and alarms integrated. We have strong and well-proven products, including the possibility of RFID-based indoor positioning.

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DECT Systems

Modern IP-DECT systems with base stations connected via Ethernet/IP to a LAN for maximum flexibility and integration with your IT environment.

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SMART System

The SMART system is a new, modern and secure wireless speech system designed for those who need highest possible availability and uptime of their solution.

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We provide one of the world's best WiFi handsets from Spectralink. Spectralink is considered the first manufacturer of professional wifi phones.

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About Cobs

Communication solutions for a safe and secure life with care for people and property

COBS started in 1977 as a reseller of paging systems and over the years has gained an extensive experience and expertise in communication solutions.

We develop reliable, user friendly and efficient tools to keep your staff safe at all times. This creates a more comfortable environment in which staff can focus on the job at hand, resulting in greater value for your organisation.

Previous assignments

Our case stories and references

We have about 100,000 users in Sweden and Europe, and over 7000 installed communication solutions. Our customers are found in security-demanding environments in healthcare, hotels, industry, prisons and commerce.

Assault alarm and critical communications to Belgian prison

State-of-the-art facility has had the COBS IP-DECT system installed to secure the employees.

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IP telephony for luxury cruise ship Caledonian Sky

The luxury cruise ship Caledonian Sky chose to invest in IP telephony from COBS.

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Containment system & internal telephony for school in Gothenburg

A spoken entry alarm system at the Nya Landamäreskolan in Gothenburg.

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Gammeluddshemmet feels safety through personal contact

A nursing and care home with a well-functioning communication solution for over 10 years.

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Handheld devices with patient monitoring – an important part of NUS operations

The Neonatal Care Unit has been using the Versity handheld alarm terminals since 2018.

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Security for staff and patients in a growing health centre

Familjeläkarna in Mölnlycke invested in a customised alarm solution from COBS.

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Stena Line increases safety on board with COBS alarm phones

Safe and secure working environment onboard with installed alarms and communication from COBS.

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Alcro-Beckers chose comprehensive solution from COBS

Sweden's leading paint manufacturer today has an integrated DECT system with hundreds of COBS phones.

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Sweden’s oldest hotel is ready for the future

Continental du Sud chose a complete solution with telephone exchange, internal communication and alarm.

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Advanced IP-based emergency telephony solution for Norra Länken

Northern Europe’s largest road tunnel project acquired an advanced emergency IP telephone system from COBS.

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Technical support


We aim to provide you the best service. Follow the link to download files or documents, or to request for technical assistance.

About COBS

Why choose COBS?

COBS has established a close collaboration with many local distributors, resellers and integrators that are specialized in our products and solutions. We have a dedicated in-house team providing our partners with in-depth support, all the way from pre-sales support, system design, to maintenance, troubleshooting and repair.

We believe in long-term relationships and want to provide the best overall and long-term support to our customers. Our products and systems are robust, built to last and designed for professional front-line workers. An investment in COBS results in an overall low life-cycle costs of the solution to our partners, as well as to the end-users’ organizations.