Block diagrams

At the core of our systems is the COBS Message Server (CMS), which is a message service platform that enables the integration of a range of systems and functions for reliable and efficient alarm and message management. The CMS receives, manages and distributes messages, alarms and other important information for internal and external communication. The CMS can handle information to and from social alerts, call signaling systems and superior security systems, among other things. The CMS is a license-controlled server and can be expantended with interfaces and features through simple license management.

  • CMS: The core system that ties everything together

  • The core of our solution interconnects basically all alarms and system events to, and from mobile devices so that you get the right information, at the right time, to the right person.

    The CMS provides an intelligent connectivity to wireless devices over DECT, VoWIFi, LTE and Paging systems with an excellent visualization to the enduser of alarms. In addition to a range of personal alarm features, a customized menu can be provided to the endusers device for inititiation of system functions. The CMS supports a range of indoor technologies for precise positioning and localization applications. The CMS provides connectivity to, and is frequently used to provide end user mobility for Physical Security Information Management (PSIM), Nurse Call (NCS), Emergency Call , Firealarm, Building Management (BMS) systems, as well as simple I/O contacts and other interfaces.

Block diagrams

  • CWS400: Small to medium size installations - providing a secure and reliable indoor coverage

  • The IP-DECT Server CWS400 is the cost-efficient solution for 1 to 60 handsets and 1 to 20 access points providing a secure and reliable indoor coverage. Each access point provides a reach of up to 50 meters indoors and 300 meters in open space and can easily be extended for improved coverage or higher user density without need for frequency or channel planning.

    The IP-DECT Server CWS400, CWS6500 and the CWS-VIP Virtual IP-DECT Servers provides the full set of voice, alarm and messaging features. They can all be integrated with on-site and off-site telephony, messaging and alarm systems.

    The IP-DECT Server CWS400 can connect to an IP-DECT Gateway for legacy cabling installations and extended cabling reach (e.g. for large industrial outdoor areas and parking lots, …).

  • CWS400 with IP-DECT Gateway: Legacy cabling installations and extended cabling reach

  • The IP-DECT Gateway enables legacy cabling installations and extended cabling reach (up to ~2km in e.g. for large industrial outdoor areas and parking lots, …).

    The IP-DECT Gateway with an IP-DECT Server CWS400 is a very cost-efficient solution for migration of a legacy system, where existing cabling system makes it difficult to connect IP-DECT Access Points. By converting existing CWS2500/CWS8000 system with new firmware and adding a CWS400 (CWS6500 or CWS-VIP depending on number of users and base station requirements) you enable IP connectivity and all the new features of the modern DECT system.

  • IP-DECT Server CWS6500: Medium to large installations with reliable and robust on-site coverage (indoor and outdoor)

  • The IP-DECT Server CWS6500 is the solution for medium to large sites with 1 to 4,096 handsets and 1 to 1,024 access points. The system provides a very large reliable on-site coverage (indoor and outdoor).

    The IP-DECT Server CWS6500 can connect to an IP-DECT Gateway for legacy cabling installations and extended cabling reach (e.g. for larger industrial outdoor areas, …).

  • CWS-VIP Virtual IP-DECT Server: Small to large virtual and multi-site installations with centralized user and system management

  • The CWS-VIP Virtual IP-DECT Server is the solution for 1 to 100,000 handsets and 1 to 4,096 access points providing large on-site and indoor coverage.

    The CWS-VIP Virtual IP-DECT Server can serve multi-site installations, enabling central user and device management.

    The CWS-VIP Virtual IP-DECT Server can connect to an IP-DECT Gateway in CWS2500/CWS8000 rack for legacy installations and extended cabling reach.

  • CWS with Precise RFID Locationing: Integrated precise zone locationing feature

  • In addition to DECT based base station and access point locationing the CS35p and CS37p (plus legacy C-3110ip and C-3115ip) handsets has an integrated precise zone locationing feature based on Low Frequency-RFID, which compared to many other technologies is fast, highly reliable and precise. Excellent for personal alarm features.

    When a user moves past a location beacon the information is stored and used depending on application. It can be used for hostage-, staff attack- or lone worker alarm. It can also be used for automatic access control to doors and gates.

    The wireless system can be seamlessly interconnected with Alert4U2 Portable Alarm Transmitters (PAL+), and pagers (A-Pager), using the same precise location technology and provide information between colleagues and interconnected systems. For example some users needs to be able to initiate an alarm on a small, simple, alarm button while others needs the option to coordinate and talk with a mobile DECT device.

    As an option, the A-POS Location Beacon can be supervised by the system via wireless connectivity saving cabling and still ensuring effective operation.

  • COBS Alert4U2 with Precise Locationing: Range of wireless alarm transmitters, portable devices and wall mounted push buttons

  • The Alert4U2 system consists of a wide range of wireless alarm transmitters, portable devices and wall mounted push buttons. I/O interfaces and various sensors. These are wirelessly connected to the A-TRAX Access Points and to the COBS CMS. The two-way communication enables alarm, location and device status (heartbeat and battery) to be provided from the devices to the central system and paging messages or activity commands to be sent to the wireless devices. For example sending a text message to a device or active an I/O-contact on a wireless wall unit.

    The Alert4U2 system seamlessly interconnects with COBS CWS DECT, VoWiFi/LTE, and other systems via the COBS CMS.

  • COBS Alert4U2: Portable solutions for critical alarms and effective on-site communication

  • Our products are designed for the professional user and for personal security in assult and lone worker situations. Common use cases are in the security and healthcare sectors. We deliver reliable solutions for critical alarms and effective communication, and thanks to stable and well-proven technology, we can minimize the risk of disruptions in the network. Our goal is to create safer workplaces with improved communication, thus provide staff an easier and safer everyday life.

  • Telephony integration options: Local or Cloud PBX. UCaaS, VoIP Gateways or Local PBX

  • As each client require its own set of needs. It may be requirements for compatibility with legacy installation or high/ extreme emphasizes on reliability and security where the wireless equipment needs to operate independently to other telephony. For example, in defense industry, security institutions or certain public infrastructure installations.

    Other clients may want centralized management, cloud-based communication or seamless integration and call handover with their MS Teams PC clients. For example, in office environments and healthcare.

    Our communications systems use standardized communication protocols and interconnects these systems in the most diverse ways (IP, analogue, ISDN).

  • Intercom solutions: Entrance system for employees and visitors

  • An example of a setup with direct communication from door unit to a deskphone as answering unit.

    The communication can be provided with or without camera and the answering unit.

  • Intercom with Wireless Answering Units: Improved mobility and flexibility

  • COBS offers a wide range of Answering Units as options, such as dedicated Answering Units or Mobile App, VoWiFi-, DECT-devices or Deskphones.

    Having wireless answering units connected to your door intercom system enables improved mobility and flexibility in the organization.

  • Intercom Door & Answering Units: A wide range of premium devices for your entrance system

  • Wide range of door and answering units for all types of cabling infrastructure. IP or legacy telephony cabling.

  • Intercom Door & Answering Units on Mobile Network: Connects directly to a Mobile Network Operator

  • The IP Verso LTE is able to connect directly to a Mobile Network Operator and register in the My2N Cloud-Base Management Platform.

    The My2N App or a connected indoor panel servers as Answering Unit.

  • Zenitel ICX – Intercom and Public Announcement System: Devices, call control and gateway

  • The Zenitel Intelligent Communication Gateway ICX-510 serves as the call control and gateway to external systems for up to 552 intercom stations per ICX-510 server.

  • Zenitel IC-EDGE: Compact installations without central server

  • The Zenitel IC-EDGE System supports by default up to 32 devices and up to 64 devices with additional IC-EDGE Station License enabled.

  • Zenitel SIP: Device integration with 3rd party PBX and telephony system

  • SIP cerified IP based system for integration with 3rd party equipment, for example company IP-PBX.

  • Zenitel SIP with VoWiFi/LTE or DECT Handsets: Interconnected with mobile devices

  • The Zenitel SIP System can be interconnected with mobile devices thru SIP integraition via iPBX.