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A location beacon on AA-batteries?!

A location beacon on AA-batteries?!

Is it possible to have a location beacon wireless?

The answer is actually yes! Now it is!

Using the latest modern BLE technology we have been able to design and produce a location beacon that runs on standard AA-batteries, tailored for interop with the SMART1.

Now when you thought that it could possible not be any better, wait, we actually designed it to pretty much work together with any modern IOS or Android device as well. 

So, meanwhile it is used for secure location services for the SMART1 it can also be used for other more customer oriented location based services simultaniously for customers. Pretty nice, we think!

Almost endless possibilities.
Imagine the possibility in retail environment to show the latest promotions in almost any smart phone carried by the customers. Imagine the possibility to track any type of device with bluetooth enabled. Imagine the possibility locate the movement of lone working staff working in your premisses. This type of wireless device does not require any infrastructure to operate, it operates thru your smart phone, or thru the SMART1.

How does it work?
For standard smartphones it utilizes the ibeacon technology (Apple trademark) and for Android it uses Eddystone technology (Google trademark). Both these technologies is used by millions of devices world wide. The EDDY beacon can be simply setup for announcing an ip-adress or a webpage promoting the "todays special" or any announcement that you or your company would like to promote. It is a "promotion beacon"... For security applications it works in a similar way, it is just not possible to change the data used for location services. 

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