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Dedicated wireless network, exclusive for your enterprise!

Why do only the Police, Fire department and Airports benefit from dedicated wireless networks? -

The Police, Fire department, Prisons, Airports and others are all building their own wireless networks . A few of the reasons is to secure availability and be able to manage their own rights, access, data and coverage. They can simply not rely on the availability of mobile phone networks for different various reasons.

dedicated networkThe needs are the same in healthcare, aged care and other low to medium security facilities as well.
The need for keeping your data safe, stay connected no matter what circumstances around the clock, improve and empower your workers are all things that dedicated networks do way much better than any other public network.


Responsibility! In a dedicated network is always the responsibilities clear and well defined, it is called SLA. In a public network everyone blames everyone to start with. Not a good foundation for critical alarms and when life is on stake.


Consider a dedicated network once you have any of these needs.

  • If you need access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • If you want to be 100% sure your data is kept safe
  • If you want to be free of interference from other "public" systems and users
  • Always in control
  • Always safe
  • Always up and running

Dedicated on-site solutions guarantee you to stay connected, to receive & raise alarms, to be able to make calls and communicate with your colleagues whatever happens with the cellular networks, mobile phone operators or cloud service providers.

Wonder how?
Our solutions is built to be 100% operational on-site in case of communication or mains break down outside your premises.

Stay safe and connected exclusive for employees!


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