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Sesame the new door opener in CMS

"Open Sesame"

Do you remember the phrase "Open Sesame"?

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We do, it is from the story Ali Baba and the forthy thieves and it automaticly opens the door to the cave where the hidden fortune was stored.

Sesame, is almost the same thing just done with smart digital technology and with the purpose of not opening doors on the fly without the need of physical keys.

Sesame is the bridge between the CMS and the ASSA ARX server..

The main purpose is to allow trusted devices connected to the CMS server to open doors connected to the ARX server on the fly.

The application is hosted inside the CMS, which makes no additional hardware neccesary. But the GUI and login to the application is totally separated from the CMS for security puposes. The application is designed to be a "on-site" application which makes availablity and responsetimes to an absolute minimum. 

Sesame is designed to be easy to install, maintain and understand. The GUI is inspired by Android material design and is well known and easy to use.

Do you want to know more? Please contact your local sales contact or anyone at COBS.


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