Alcro-Beckers, Sweden’s leading paint manufacturer, chose comprehensive solution from COBS

Alcro-Beckers was an early adopter of IP telephony and today the company has an integrated and well-functioning DECT system with hundreds of COBS phones. Staff move over large areas and in demanding environments, so robust equipment is a must. Furthermore, mobility and the ability to be available has been extremely important.

The reason for choosing COBS as a supplier was perhaps primarily the robust design and high sustainability factor of the phones. COBS systems are installed in Alcro-Becker’s factory, offices and stores in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö and Norway. In connection with the upgrade, a new centre, CWS was installed.

Simplified administration

Erik Nyman, system administrator at Alcro-Beckers, is very satisfied and says that CWS is incredibly easy to administer, “it was just to unpack and start using”, he says.

As well as the new system being more compatible with Cisco, another reason for the switch was the centralisation. It is now easier to administer the phones from one place.

Taking a phone from one of the stores to the head office and getting it to work without having to enter it twice in the system is a clear advantage, says Erik Nyman.

More efficient work

Alcro-Beckers is satisfied with the choice of COBS as supplier and sees that the functions in the phones will contribute to further streamlining the work of the large paint giant.


  • Carl Wilhelm Becker, a young German chemist who came to Sweden as a salesman, settled in Stockholm and opened the country’s first specialised paint and varnish shop in 1865.
  • In 1986, they merged with competitor Alcro to form the company Alcro-Beckers. In 2001, Tikkurila bought Alcro-Beckers and in 2008 the production was moved to Nykvarn and the head office to Hammarby sjöstad.
  • In 2012, Alcro-Beckers changed its name to Tikkurila Sverige AB, and merged with the former Tikkurila Industri.

*collected December 2023