The luxury cruise ship Caledonian Sky chose to invest in IP telephony from COBS

Caledonian Sky, an exclusive ship with a very high standard that cruises between the waters of Asia and America. America, needed to replace the entire telephone system on board as part of an extensive refurbishment. To help them help, MNC Marine chose to install an Innovaphone system from COBS.

Exclusive with high standards faced refurbishment

MNC Marine is an Ålandic company that delivers high-quality IT solutions, specially adapted to the marine environment on board ships. They always use carefully selected hardware and help their customers with installation, maintenance, monitoring and reporting, resulting in high reliability and safety.

Must be able to withstand vibrations and shocks

All calls to and from the ship are routed via satellite communication, and the company has chosen to use an IP800 VoIP Gateway as a base and IP adapters for analogue connections.

IP800 is an extremely stable and durable Gateway designed in steel and without fans or moving parts, which means that it is extra resistant to vibrations and shaking that can occur on ships. IP 800 is a modern Gateway that acts as a link between analogue, digital and IP telephony with great flexibility.

The choice of phone was easy. The award-winning designer phones IP222 and IP232 are the latest from Innovaphone and blend in well with the stylish and luxurious environment on board.

The phones have a modern design, large colour displays and programmable buttons, with the top model also having a touch screen. To give passengers an extra sense of luxury and quality, an attractive background image has been added to the phones’ displays.

Products that fulfil the requirements

One of the major advantages of Innovaphone’s solutions is that they are easy to install and maintain. The system is scalable and works well for both small and large companies.

Patrick Sjöberg, CEO of MNC Marine, is pleased with the choice of partner:

“COBS products meet all the requirements we have and thanks to the short lead times we were able to get the installation done quickly, which in this case was incredibly important as the ship was only in port for a short period”.


Caledonian Sky is operated by Salén Ship Management, which is based in Gothenburg and which specialises in specialising in high standard adventure cruises. The Caledonian Sky carries 114 passengers and has a crew of about 70 people.