Sweden’s oldest hotel, Continental du Sud, is ready for the future

When the Hotel Continental du Sud was looking for a new communication system, they chose a complete solution, ranging from a modern telephone exchange to smart internal communication and alarm functions. In addition, staff can more easily control the hotel systems with the Android app.

Sweden’s oldest hotel, Hotel Continental du Sud, is located in central Ystad. Having completely renovated the hotel to a good four-star standard, they wanted to go one step further. First of all, they were looking for a new telephone exchange as the existing one was many years old and lacked modern features.

Martin Jönsson,
Hotel Continental du Sud

Increased security for guests and staff

The COBS solution includes internal communication with smart mobile devices to staff with an integrated assault alarm.

Internally, the system can also be used to improve the service to guests, for example by calling staff to the reception when there is a lot to do. It can also be used to call for help should a situation arise where a guard needs to be called.

For the new system, the emergency alarms are also connected from the rooms so that they come into the staff’s devices when a guest presses them. This allows hotel staff to quickly find the person who needs help.

“The new system will increase security for both guests and staff,” says Martin Jönsson, who runs the Hotel Continental du Sud.

“There was no queuing system or function to call the person in the queue, so we lost customers because they didn’t arrive. With the new system from COBS, we have those features and so much more. This system is like a hybrid between classic and modern, which suits us perfectly. We are an old city hotel, so we want to keep that feeling, while using the technology of the future,” says Martin Jönsson.

Hybrid fits modern hotel with history

What particularly attracted the Hotel Continental du Sud to choose COBS was the overall solution. As a classic hotel, it appealed to the owners to maintain a system of guest telephones in the rooms with a direct connection to the reception. However, the previous corded telephone handsets have been replaced with wireless devices to increase comfort for guests.

In addition, the staff’s wireless smartphone-like devices support the app that controls the hotel’s system.

Smooth installation

The installation itself took only a couple of days, and since it was done during the low season, it went smoothly, with no major disruption to business.


Continental du Sud in Ystad is Sweden’s oldest hotel and has been a home for bon vivants and celebrities for almost 200 years. In the early 19th century, Ystad was the kingdom’s most important port for boat traffic to the continent.

The need for accommodation was great when the hotel opened in 1829. At that time, Ystad was Sweden’s gateway to Europe and could now also boast a hotel. There are 52 rooms and today it also offers events such as conferences and weddings.

(*collected December 2023)