Gammeluddshemmet feels safety through personal contact

At Gammeluddshemmet’s nursing and care home, both staff and residents feel secure in having a well-functioning communication solution. The personal contact and the expertise of the suppliers Wx3 and COBS mean that they have remained satisfied customers for over 10 years.

Growing needs as technology evolves

When Gammeluddshemmet first came into contact with Wx3, they were only looking for a solution for their internal communication. Over the years, however, the needs grew in line with technological developments. Today they have a comprehensive communication solution with everything from internal and external telephony to personal alarms and security solutions.

With Wx3 as a partner, Gammeluddshemmet has created a safe environment for both its residents and its staff.

“It is an enormous reassurance for both our residents and their relatives to know that there is always someone who can hear and help. The same applies to our staff, who feel that they can rely on the that the systems work and that they can provide the care our residents need,” says Daniel Rulander.

Products that last in the organisation

Something that was very important in the choice of communication solution for Gammeluddshemmet is the simplicity. For the elderly, some of whom have illnesses that affect their memory, it is particularly important that the personal alarms are user-friendly and easy to understand.

By integrating the alarms with the telephony system, Wx3 has also created a complete solution that simplifies everyday life for the employees at Gammeluddshemmet. The portable phone that staff use for calls also receives alarms from guests at Gammeluddshemmet, which they can also acknowledge directly, so they only need to carry one device in the building.

For staff, this is just as important as whether the devices are designed for and can withstand the environment in which they are used. Daily activities involve a lot of lifting and carrying, which means that the phone can sometimes get caught or dropped on the floor.

The COBS portable phones and alarm receivers included in this solution therefore meet the requirements of Gammeluddshemmet.

“Over the years, there has been incredibly little maintenance work, except for a battery that has had to be replaced. Not all products on the market can cope with this environment. It has been particularly nice during the pandemic where the COBS phones proved to be very easy to clean and disinfect, and continued to the job,” says Daniel Rulander.

Personalised treatment with knowledge

To minimise interference from the outside world, the telephony and alarm solution is located locally at Gammeluddshemmet. This means the highest possible availability and security for both guests and staff.

Wx3 has managed everything from installation to ensuring that the portable alarm phones work smoothly throughout the building. The personal contact and close relationship that Gammeluddshemmet has with Wx3 is what allows them to warmly recommend others to choose Wx3 as a partner for solving similar needs.

For them, it is nice to know that when they call Wx3 to ask questions, it is always their own contact person who answers and they do not end up in a telephone exchange. It is this personalised approach that makes Gammeluddshemmet trust their communication partner to find the right solutions that best suit their business.

“When we have a request for change, such as when we wanted to add burglar alarms, we just call. The person who answers knows our current solution and how what we want to add can be integrated in a smart and easy-to-manage way. Our collaboration with Wx3 and COBS has long been a huge security for us and will continue to be so for a long time”, concludes Daniel Rulander.