Containment system installed at school in Gothenburg, with internal telephony as a bonus!

A spoken entry alarm system was a requirement of the Nya Landamäreskolan in Gothenburg.

Nokas Teknik, a total supplier of security solutions, was commissioned to deliver a security solution to the school. They chose the COBS SMART system from Zenitel, which can also be used for daily communication between the the school’s different areas.

Quick and easy information to the whole or part of the school

To create a safe environment for pupils, staff and even visitors, a loudspeaker system has been installed that reaches all areas and an integrated access control system can easily manage the locking of all external doors. Externally, the school has opted for horn speakers with extra volume to reach out and be heard properly around the entire school grounds, and they also have surveillance cameras to further enhance security.

The system is not only a help in emergency situations, but can also be used for daily internal telephony or loud information announcements that can be directed to different parts of the school.

Director Susanne Arnudd is delighted with the new system.

“It feels both simple and above all safe! The fact that we can also use this for fast, smooth communication between classrooms and to the principal’s office is a real bonus.”

For communication in critical situations

The COBS smart security system for safe schools from Zenitel is specially adapted for critical communication and is customised according to needs and wishes. It should feel safe to be at school!

COBS therefore encourages more schools to review their preparedness and develop a well-thought-out plan for how alarms and communication should work. Perhaps you need to secure a local communication system for crisis communication that is independent of the Internet and public phone lines.
telephone lines.

Acting quickly in an emergency, and trusting that the right information reaches everyone in the school, creates security, and in extreme cases can be life-changing.


The state-of-the-art Landamäreskolan was inaugurated in November 2016 and has about 350 pupils from grades F to 3 and Adapted Primary School.

The school and the associated leisure centre have beautiful premises and plenty of space for play, sports, library and more. The newly built school is unique, consisting of 80 per cent wood and other renewable materials. The layout is very open, with lots of glass, open rooms and no corridors.

*(collected December 2023)