Assault alarm and critical communications to Belgian prison Poort van Beveren

Poort van Beveren is a 30,000 square metre facility with space for over 300 inmates. The facility is state-of-the-art and, with the help of Ooperon, has had the COBS IP-DECT system with alarms and critical communications communication installed to secure the employees.

Focus on reintegration

Poort van Beveren consists of a total of four buildings – an entrance building, an office building, a logistics building and an inmate building. The inmate building consists of four sections, one secluded section for new arrivals and another for those considered to be a danger to themselves or others.

The other two sections have open areas where inmates can move around freely at certain times. There are areas for exercise, cooking or relaxation and the focus is on reintegration into society.

A working environment that requires the highest level of safety

The working environment in a detention centre can be challenging and risky, so staff need to be able to to be quickly informed of alarms and to be able to quickly get in touch with colleagues, guards or the the outside world. To fulfil these requirements, Dutch security company Ooperon was given the prestigious task of delivering Poort’s prestigious contract to supply Poort van Beveren’s assault alarm and secure telephony system.

Ooperon is an expert in communication and security solutions, working with strong, well-proven products that are tried and tested products that are specially adapted to security-demanding environments such as the correctional services.

Secure communication and alarms that always reach the recipient

To secure the facility’s internal communication, Ooperon chose to install a wireless IP-DECT system from COBS with redundant central units, about 200 base stations and 150 alarm phones.

DECT is an incredibly reliable technology with protected frequencies without any interference, the handsets are extremely robust and durable – developed with a focus on personal safety.

COBS handsets are available with every imaginable feature to keep employees safe – including assault alarms, jolt alarms, fall alarms, position alarms and alarms when the user starts running or has not moved for a certain period of time.

For maximum security, the system has been supplemented with positioning, which means that you can quickly see exactly where the alarmed person is.


The prison in Beveren became operational in March 2014. It is one of the new prisons provided for in the the 2008-2012-2016 master plan for a prison infrastructure in humane conditions, which is designed to tackle overcrowding in Belgian prisons. The prison has room for 312 male inmates.

*collected December 2023