Stena Line increases safety on board with COBS alarm phones

In order to create a safe and secure working environment on board the ships, Stena Line has installed alarms and communication from COBS with the help of Diwiton.

The systems on board are customised to the needs of each ship. Thanks to the fact that many functions can now be managed from one and the same unit, work has been work has become more efficient and the environment safer.

High demands on safety and security

Stena Line is one of the world’s largest ferry companies with a modern fleet of 38 vessels. Stena Line’s goal is to be a pioneer in maritime safety and it works according to high standards to guarantee high safety and security both at sea and in port.

To create a safe and secure working environment on board, the company has enlisted the help of Diwiton, which offers solutions specially adapted to extreme environments in the marine segment.

Diwiton constantly strives to deliver as complete a communication solution as possible, and the product range includes COBS DECT systems.

Customised solutions for each ship’s needs

More than 70% of Stena Line’s liner vessels have chosen to install COBS communication and security systems. Since all ships are different, the solutions are tailored to each ship’s needs and wishes.

On Stena Saga, an older DECT system has been replaced with C-3110i telephones that handle voice, alarms and messages. Work on board has been streamlined through wireless monitoring of machine alarms and pump control, and security has increased as personal alarms and other important information go directly to the staff’s phones.

Increased flexibility

A requirement on several of the boats has been a communication solution where you are not locked into fixed alarm buttons, in order to reduce lead times and running on board.

Personal alarms, assault alarms, lone worker alarms and the ability to start, stop and control events via one and the same unit are important functions on the Stena Saga, for example.

The fire alarm is also integrated into the system. Using the COBS message server CMS, the nearest camera is activated in the event of a fire alarm and records the alarmed zones.

“We are extremely pleased with our co-operation with Diwiton and the products from COBS make our everyday life both safer and more efficient”, says Bengt Martinsson, electrical engineer at Stena Saga.


  • Stena Line is one of the world’s largest ferry companies with over 25,000 journeys per year.
  • Everything is based on their core values of care: care for customers, care for resources and care for each other.
  • Rooted in Sweden, Stena Line is truly an international company with over 4,300 employees from 40 countries across Europe – 17 ferry lines, 38 ships and headquarters in Gothenburg.
  • Stena Line – a ferry company with the vision to bring Europe together for a more sustainable future together.