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Assault alarms for a safer working environment!

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To feel safe and secure in the everyday life is important and there are high demands on staff security. Our assault alarms are made to protect staff working in critical environments, for example within prisons, retail, hotel or healthcare

How safe is your workplace?

överfallslarmWith COBS personal security system, one single push on the button is enough to call for help if there is an emergency. The signal is transmitted directly to colleagues, a guard or to the police. It is also possible to receive information with the exact position of the person who triggered the alarm. This feature leads to increased efficiency and safety. 

We offer portable alarm transmitters, both with and without speech option. The alarms are presented on pagers, phones or corridor displays - to reach out fast is important in emergency situations when time is critical.  Our systems are not based on GSM or 3G, but on a local platform to be independent of mobile networks.

High security brings high satisfaction
To know that you'll get help quickly if something unexpected happens makes you feel safe, especially if you're working alone. With the security solutions from COBS, you will be able to work under better, safer and more pleasant conditions, with reduced stress and higher efficiency. You will get a safe, secure and more enjoyable working environment and everyday life. With less stress related symptoms and less sick leave as a result.


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