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SMART1 - safe and secure workplaces

With our solutions you can create a more secure workplace. SMART1 is designed with smart details and features that increase safety for people working in environments where there may be threats or violence. The SMART1 is easy to integrate to other solutions such as IP-PBX, intercom solutions, fire alarms and video monitoring. All these integrations are vital and enhances the use of the system benefits to a better complete solution.


  • Equipped with a dedicated and clearly visible alarm button. Easy to access and intuitive to use
  • Equipped with COBS precise location technology for indoor use
  • Stream video from a doorphone or camera directly to the palm of your hand
  • Integrated with the intercom system (for example Stentofon) you can easily answer the call from a cell or make loudspeaking announcements directly from SMART1


The SMART alarm system is designed with both redundancy and failover. COBS Alarm Server (CMS) makes sure that alarms and messages are sent and delivered in a secure way. and with both DECT and WiFi as carriers of information can the highest possible reliability and security available in emergency situations.

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