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When your availability can't be dependent on the mobile network

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What if you won't receive the critical alarms?
Our products are specially developed for environments with high demands on security, where timing and availability is crucial in emergency situations. Within Healthcare it is of highest importance to ensure that the alarms will reach the right receiver. Can you realy trust the GSM network for critical alarms and messages?

To avoid mobile network disturbances, we choose to send the alarms on a dedicated alarm protocol. With a local alarm- and communication platform, you live in a "protected world" with maximal coverage, where alarms will reach the receiver, no matter if the mobile network is down or overloaded.

 trouble free

SMART1 is using the congestion free frequency 1880-1900MHz, and is designed for critical communication in indoor/onsite environments. Thanks to the Android based platform and WiFi technology, SMART1 can handle apps, just like traditional smartphones. With this ,SMART1 can give you the same functionality as a GSM phone, but in a more secure way!




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