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First company to choose SMART1 for off shore installations.

When Rederi AB Eckerö wanted to increase the safety and the communication onboard their cruise ship M/S Birka, their choice fell on the SMART1. With the help from Zenitel, the ship now has a future-proof, wireless alarm and telephony platform.


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New SMART1 features released

Push to Talk (PTT) is the fastest and most time saving method of spreading your word to your team. The feature is finally released!

Chat with your colleagues, sometime is chat the best way to communicate, now finally introduced in the SMART1 as it should be in a modern communication device.



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CMS On-Guard integration!

Lenel On-Guard is an open security management platform. COBS has now developed a software "plug in" for the On-Guard system.

The main purpose is to enable functionality for On-Guard to receive and present detailed information from connected COBS devices.

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Grand Travel Award winner, Birka Cruises, chose the top modern communication system - SMART1



Rederi AB Eckerö wanted to increase the safety and the communication onboard their flagship cruise liner M/S Birka. Their choice fell on the newly developed SMART1 communication system from COBS. With the help from Zenitel, who are specialized in critical communication within the marine sector, the ship now has a future-proof, wireless alarm and telephony platform.

Onboard a cruise ship is of course availability, security and flexibility important factors for maintaining the safety for all passengers and crew. A cruise liner like M/S Birka is like a hotel, several bars, nightclubs and a small retail chain at the same time. Even machinery and maintenance is included in the solution. M/S Birka is always operated and the ship never sleeps, there is always someone or something that is demanding attention, that is why a reliable and smart communication solution is crucial.

"Thanks to the dedicated and trouble-free frequency band of the SMART system, you can feel safe. We have installed wireless systems in steel environments before, and it is always both challenging and demanding environment. We are confident that we meet the high demands on reliability and availability on board M/S Birka and all other environments as well. We would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone involved in this amazing project for their great efforts", Sören Erlandsson MD at COBS.

Replacing pager and fixed alarm buttons
​The SMART1 has very advanced alarm features and a unique top display, which replaces the old fashioned radio pagers used onboard before. On M/S Birka both the fire alarm and the sprinkler system are integrated to the SMART1 system. Thanks to this the staff can receive important messages direct to the palm of their hand, which saves time in critical situations.
”We have cooperated with COBS for many years now and their SMART system was very interesting already from start. We are pleased to have been involved in influencing and contributing to such a successful implementation", says Jörgen Berggren, the Solution Manager at Zenitel.

More features & open possibilities in one robust device
With the SMART1 you can send/receive text messages, chatts, voice calls, e-mails or communicate via the built-in walkie talkie feature "Push to Talk".  Make loudspeaking announcements or get video streams from a surveillance camera directly to your phone. Being able to manage several functions from one device improves the workflow and makes the working environment more flexible and safe. 

”Innovations of the SMART system led to solutions to the difficulties and challenges we have encountered in the demanding environment on vessels. The security and development of the overall solution was crucial in our choice, says Kenneth Påvall, IT-infrastructure Manager at Rederi AB Eckerö.


Rederi AB Eckerö
​Rederiaktiebolaget Eckerö is the parent company of the Eckerö Group. The Group provides passenger and car ferry services on the Åland Sea in Eckerö Linjen and the Gulf of Finland in Eckerö Line cruises between Stockholm and Mariehamn in Birka Cruises and handles shipments for the export industry between Finland/Sweden and the continent in Eckerö Shipping (former Birka Cargo). Eckerö Group has a total of 5 ships in the fleet. The Group also operates bus services in Åland in Williams Buss.


Zenitel is focused on the Secure Communication Systems (SCS) activity that develops and sells our own Intercom and Public Address Systems. We also deliver 2-way Radio Systems and are one of the few companies in our markets that can deliver fully integrated Communication Platforms that include Intercom, Public Address and 2-way Radio Systems.



COBS News January 2018


Have you visited our new SMART1 website?

Do you know all the benefits of the SMART1? We resently released a new website to highlight all the great things with this system

Check it out!

We think that this might be interesting for you and your businesses, please feel free to share the site with your colleagues and customers.



a posIntroducing A-POS,
our new location beacon

Use A-POS in combination with DECT terminals or portable alarm transmitters to obtain precise indoor positioning.

Can also be used as wanderer alert, for dementia alarms or for lone worker protection.


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SMART1 Phone Booksmart contacts

Increasing flexibility! Now you can add personal phone books for each user of your SMART system. By using SMART1 with personal login, the users will always have the phone updated with their own contacts. The different contact lists are linked to the right user in SMART Manager.

A great feature for busisnesses with employees working in rotating shifts, using the same phone. You can link each user to several private or common contact lists.


 SMART1 turns into a simple, easy to use Walkie Talkie

Can you reach out to thousands of colleagues in just a second? Push one button and everyone in your group will hear you... that's a great feature!

If you want to reach out with an instant voice message to a group of people, Push to Talk is probably the most effective method. The perfect onsite communication solution for mobile staff, working in teams that are spread out over a large area.



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