COBS presents COBS Mobile™

5 December, 2023

With the increasing demand to use smartphones at work, more professionals have switched to cloud data. The COBS Mobile™ app is designed to meet this need without compromising on security. COBS Mobile™ is a safe and secure tool that can be loaded onto your smartphone and connected to social alarms, other systems as well as sensors and outputs.

User-friendly and reliable

COBS Mobile – an app with a user-friendly interface, well-defined tones, colours and icons – all to increase the safety and security of you and your employees. With COBS Mobile, the user receives alarm messages reliably in real time, and the confirmation function also initiates an automatic escalation if a user has not responded to the alarm in time or is not available.

In industry and production facilities, personal safety must be put first. This requires an alarm system that is standardised within the organisation, easy to use and helps people in stress and crisis situations to make the right decisions. With COBS Mobile, the user receives alarm messages in a reliable way directly on the mobile phone.

Industries require high security

If you work in a large organisation or industry, you probably have a physical superior system that handles your alarms. You probably receive the alarms via an alarm centre for further coordination and perhaps the alarms are also forwarded via telephony or SMS. This of course raises a lot of questions about the time aspect and how to guarantee that the recipient really gets the alarm in time. Also how it is perceived in terms of priority by the person receiving the alarm and how they handle feedback to the person or system that triggered the alarm. These are functionalities that COBS has delivered via DECT systems, but now COBS Mobile is also being introduced for smartphones.

Planning for the worst-case scenario is of course not fun but a must. In the case of time-critical events such as production line stops, shell protection or fire alarms, you simply do not want to jeopardise the distribution of the message and that it is not received by employees. Often, with ordinary messages, the recipient cannot determine the urgency of a message or alarm until they open it, which increases the risk of assets and people being put at risk.

“With COBS Mobile, the alarm goes out immediately, with pre-selected unique tones, icons and colour codes that the recipient is familiar with and recognises. We want to leave no room for the recipient to draw their own conclusions from a message. They should be clear and indicate exactly how the recipient should act.”

Staffan Örnbratt, CEO of COBS AB

A customisable alarm system

Complement to DECT system

If you already have an existing DECT system, COBS Mobile can be an excellent and cost-effective complement to the existing DECT installation where the same alarm can now also be distributed to smartphone users connected to both the mobile phone network and locally within the company’s WLAN network.

Alarms that suit your business

COBS Mobile is suitable for everyone from nursing home staff to industrial workers. The alarms are customised to your needs. For example, you can get social alarms, machine alarms, lone worker alarms, camera, fire and/or door alarms.

Works on Android and iPhone (iOS)

COBS Mobile works on both Android and iPhone (iOS) mobile phones and, depending on the model of mobile phone, can deliver personal, fall and movement alarms with positioning in addition to messaging.

Alarm button for immediate safety

If your smartphones are equipped with an alarm button, such as Versity from COBS, you get a physical red alarm button intended for personal safety in e.g. threatening situations or when working alone, where employees can alert colleagues at the touch of a button.