2N® IP Safety – Red Emergency Button

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2N® IP Safety, Red Emergency Button

2N® IP Safety is a first-class security intercom designed for emergency communications. Whether drenched by rain or exposed to −40°C frost, it remains fully functional and allows you to reach help at once and its bright orange colour makes it easy to locate in poor visibility.

Features & Benefits

  • COMMUNICATIONS IN ALL CONDITIONS - Get high-quality sound even in challenging circumstances thanks to HD audio with automatic volume adjustment and IP69K and IK10 grade extreme endurance.
  • ALWAYS VISIBLE AND FUNCTIONAL - You can rely on the distinctive orange colouring and blue backlit buttons makes it easy to find when you need it.
  • INTEGRATION INTO YOUR EXISTING SYSTEM - Increase the reach of emergency announcements. Thanks to its 10W amplifier you can use 2N® IP Safety as a loudspeaker for public address.
  • 2N® REMOTE CONFIGURATION - Save time and money for onsite support thanks to our free service. Access all your devices remotely via secured cloud connection. Fastest response to your customers requests.
  • SECURITY RELAY - This simple additional device prevents intrusion by detecting any unauthorized manipulation of the electronic locking system.
  • TAMPER SWITCH - The 2N IP intercom can be fitted with a tamper switch that detects unauthorized opening of the device itself.
  • TIME PROFILES - This function allows you to define the period of time a phone number is valid.
  • BACKLIT BUTTONS - 2N® IP Safety features 1 or 2 buttons distinctively backlit in blue.
  • AUDIO LOOP TEST - The intercom regularly performs audio self tests. In the event of a failure of the microphone or speaker, it reports the problem.
  • SIP SUPPORT WITH NO SERVER NEEDED - SIP protocol support makes it easy to link the intercom with IP phones and PBX from other producers, without having to connect to the server.

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