2N® SIP Speaker, Horn

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2N® SIP Speaker Horn is a hornspeaker with exceptionally loud (SPLmax 124dB) and clear sound. Use the speaker as a practical tool for broadcasting live announcements across large areas and actively protect your property.

Basic Properties
An active protective solution for your premises. Cameras and security systems are passive elements that inform you of any crime committed. Criminals are very proficient in avoiding cameras and cannot be scared off by common alarm systems. Although you are connected to the Alarm Response Centre (ARC), burglars may cause damage before the police arrives.
Can help you drive away potential intruders by very loud live announcements, which enhances safety and protection of your property.
Provides a clear and loud speech in critical situations. Together with cameras or VMS for remote communication, live announcements help avoid criminal acts. The 2N® SIP Speaker Horn devices are easy to install IP-based speakers enhance camera systems at parking lots, public spaces, and industrial objects. They can work as standalone units or be simply interconnected with existing VMS phone systems via IP (VoIP PBX). Thanks to PoE, they can be connected to IP with a single network cable.
Can be used for live paging or playing scheduled or pre-start able messages. It is equipped with an automatic audio testing function, which can check the speakers for proper functions. 2N® SIP Speaker Horn makes outdoor spaces or places with critical infrastructure safer.
A versatile sound transmission system for IP networks. It is designed as a universal VoIP phone with an audio output. It finds a variety of applications – in schools, hospitals, office buildings, hotels, production halls, shopping centres, bus terminals, airports and so on.
Can be controlled via a configuration web interface. 2N® SIP Speaker Horn communicates with the other audio system components via the SIP Proxy or directly via a specified address.

Advantages of Use
Clear and loud speech
Announcement planner
ONVIF for easy integration with VMS
Noise detector
Easy installation with only one cable (Audio + PoE)
VoIP PBX support (SIP)
Excellent reliability through automated audio tests
Integrated administration web server
Streamed audio support
Applicable as standard VoIP telephone/communicator
DTMF detection according to RFC2833, in-band and SIP-INFO

Basic Features
10/100Base-TX LAN interface
24 V DC / 2 A or PoE 802.3af supply
Integrated 8/25 W amplifier (depending on power supply)

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