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The reliable wireless companion for advanced alarm and messaging

Easy to use
C-3110i has a large and intense display, easy accessible buttons and a status list showing an overview of the latest alarms and messages. Alarms and messages can be prioritized and sorted by color with the most urgent alarm at the top and you'll get a quick and clear view.

System integration
C-3110i can be integrated with other systems such as building management, fire alarms, remote management, hospitality systems or nurse call systems. Panic alarms, staff alarms or remote monitoring can be initialized directly from the handset. 

Alarm button
C-3110i has a large and easy accessible dedicated alarm button which makes it intuitive and easy for staff to call for help without even look at the handset. On the right side of the handset there is an extra function key that can be freely programmed of your choice to acknowledge an alarm, send a soft alarm or just call your colleagues with the touch of a button.

Positioning / location detection
C-3110i can be ordered with exact indoor positioning. The knowledge of knowing that someone is just a touch a away if you end up in a situation you can not control increases the security for lone workers. Positioning and indoor location is a mandatory requirement for a variety of customers and is really a security feature that makes a difference.

Robust and with 3 years warranty
C-3110i is one out of few handsets that are delivered with 3 years warranty. It is drop-tested, water and dust resistant according to the IP65 classification. It is also easy to clean and resistant to most common disinfectants.

Wireless update over the air
The wireless update makes the support and maintenance to a reduced level compared to earlier generations.

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