DECT 8000 Rackserver

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Scalable DECT system that can grow from 2 base stations up to 512 base stations. The system is based on dedicated 2-wiring between the central unit and its base stations, creating the most stable operation over time and may also utilize existing wires in the building.
SIP interface for interoperability with IP-PBX.

DECT 8000 is a scalable and modular rack server with room for up to 64 interface cards. The combination among the 64 slots can be in any configuration totally up to your needs. Each 19" rack has room for eight slots.  The analogue interface cards available are for 8 or 16 analog extensions to the PBX, called IWU cards.  Base station cards for 8 base stations BEB-8000 card.  SIP card for connecting the DECT 8000 to an IP-PBX through SIP expanding the users up to 4000 handsets on a single system.
DECT8000 uses the same base stations as we have delivered for over 10 years, which means that it will be an excellent replacement for our recently out phased CWS 2000 that was delivered for almost 15 years.

The DECT8000 is the only new DECT system on the market supporting both analog as well as SIP based communication, we care about our legacy.

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