EOL – Exigo 10W Netw. Horn Loudsp. Replacement product is: 1023301311 or 1023301321

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This STENTOFON IP speaker features a 10W Class D amplifier, utilizing all the power that PoE is capable of. This means that the speaker can deliver more than 100dB, depending on the signal input. With IP, the system can monitor and address each speaker individually. By moving the amplifier from a central unit out to the speaker itself, the need for a central amplifier unit with conventional speaker loops is eliminated. This makes the system highly scalable, and adding another speaker is easy to do.
Even though conventional speaker loops are not used, the speakers can still be divided into groups. These zones can now extend over networks or span the Internet.  To provide maximum availability, the speaker comes with advanced supervision functions. The speaker line test will detect whether there are any faults in the network or speaker electronics. The status of the speaker is reported to the central unit as well as to 3rd-party management systems using SNMP or Syslog. The speaker has a built-in web interface for status information, control, and upgrade. It is easy to install and maintain and all broadcasts can be logged in detailed reports.

• STENTOFON Audio Presence - crystal clear audio
• 10W Class D, built-in amplifier
• Dust and water tight – IP 67
• > 116 dB SPL
• Ideal for Micro Zone PA and systems that require a limited number of speakers
• Each speaker is individually addressable and monitored
• Ideal for speakers installed in remote locations, e.g. roads and railways
• Remote software upgrade and configuration
• Relay output for remote control, e.g. doors, signal lamps, gates
• Powered from the IP network cable using Power over Ethernet (PoE)
• Ideal for Building Security, Infrastructure and Industrial projects

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