PAF+ Alarm Transmitter w/ Fall sensor and batt. exchange possibility. Bracelet and necklace included

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Button color: Grey
Battery exchange: Yes
Single push: Yes
Double push: Yes
Battery status : Yes
Location detection: –
Inactivity: –
Fall-alarm: Yes

The PAF+ portable alarm transmitter is designed to detect hard falls in situations where the user cannot press the button after a fall. When the PAF+ alarm transmitter detects a fall, it will send a fall-alarm to predefined users.
The target groups for PAF+ are, among others, older people, users with Parkinson’s disease, and people with impaired mobility.

The COBS PAT, PAT+, PAL+ and PAF+ series of portable alarm transmitters provides increased security and personal safety. The transmitters are small and handy devices that depending on use case can be worn in several ways for example with a wristband, as a necklace or with a belt-clip. As the PAF+ has a fall sensor it should be worn on a wristband.

The PAF+ detects hard falls in situations where the user cannot press the button after the fall, including:
  • slipping and falling backwards
  • falling due to loss of consciousness.
  • tripping on an object and falling forward.

Accessories (ordered separately)
  • Wrist band 
  • Neckless with safety release
  • Multi-clip / Belt-clip
  • Battery & refurbishment kit for PAL+/PAF+ (grey button)

  • Dimensions 34 x 42 x 15 mm
  • Weight 14 grams
  • 869.2 MHz
  • IP 67 (water/dust)
  • Two-way radio
  • Zone ID with up to 65,000 positions

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