Accept + Phono

A4U Accept is a wireless room terminal in our A-Call series with built in alarm logic.

This unit is intended to be used as a room panel. The unit contains three buttons - one red, one yellow and one green and a phoo contact on the front. The features and functions are controlled from COBS Message Server (CMS). A4U Accept has two wired inputs and two wired outputs that can be independently controlled.


To be sure that the unit always works, the A4U Accepthas built in features for example "radio test" alarm and "low battery" alarm


The Alert4U CALL is using the EU's recommended frequency of social alarm. Use of this involves minimal risk of interference

Radio approvals

  • EN 300 550-1
  • EN 300 220-3

EMC approvals

  • EN 301 489-3

LVD approvals

  • EN 60950-1

Technical data

  • Size (LxWxH) 85 x 85 mm
  • 2 Inputs
  • 2 Outputs
  • Powered by 24Vdc or two AAA batteries
  • 869,250 MHz
  • Two-way radio communication
  • Adjustable output
  • 6,3mm phono contact


Item number 9009727

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