Security solutions within the health & social care sector

solutions within health & social care

We offer security solutions for e.g. home care, community care, elderly care and mental health services

Our products are developed and adapted to the high demands on integrity and security in healthcare.

We deliver reliable solutions for critical alarms and effective communication, and thanks to stable and well-proven technology, we can minimize the risk of disruptions in the network.

Our goal is to create safer workplaces with improved communication, thus giving staff an easier and safer everyday life.

Alarms and communication with a focus on safety

Several of our products are designed to work around the clock and fit into the care environment. We offer solutions with a focus on safety, simplicity and security for both staff and care recipients in, for example, HVB, nursing homes, residential care homes and hospitals.

Versity is a specially developed phone and can be used as an integrated part of the security alarm system with many smart advantages

  • Open operating system and apps designed for the business
  • Personal alarms for increased security
  • Positioning to quickly locate the person in need of help
  • Local and interference-free network

Versity is a smart customized healthcare terminal, without the risks of a traditional smartphone, as it does not rely on the internet.

But just like a regular smartphone, you can register attendance, document, unlock doors or just quickly communicate with colleagues, it’s simple and done instantly without any hassle. These are features that contribute to less running around and more time for human contact.

Let the alarms go directly to the right person and you can create a quieter healthcare environment while protecting personal privacy.


Security for employees

Our healthcare tools are equipped with alarms and positioning capabilities. At the touch of a button, staff can quickly call for help and let you know where you are.

Security for care recipients

Alarm buttons contribute to increased freedom and security for the care recipient who can always call for help. An automatic alarm can be sent if the care recipient gets lost so that you can quickly be on site.


Integrate smart functions and apps to reduce workload. The right alarm to the right person, door opening, video calls and administrative tasks directly from the phone.


Time is critical. Many of our solutions work even if the mobile network is down, so you can be sure that the right information gets to the right person at the right time. We also offer hybrid or pure mobile phone systems.

Do you need a healthcare tool for increased security and accessibility?

COBS has many years of experience with alarms and communication in health and care, and tailors solutions according to requirements and wishes. We help you to quickly and efficiently communicate with each other, to be able to call or answer alarms from those in need when time is critical.

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