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5-Star communication for hotels

COBS SMART1 is a smart solution for receptionists as well as mobile workers. The entire workforce can easily contact each other, answer calls and at the same time be available to the hotel’s guests.

What is unique about COBS is that we combine alarms with telephony.

We integrate SMART1 with, for example, fire alarms and business systems, so you get everything together in one unit, and it is precisely the whole that our customers usually value the most.

  • Critical alarms – fire, security, disability alarms
  • Phone calls – in and out
  • Assault alarms for lone workers
  • Full coverage throughout the building

The sense of service

Let the staff report via the service order system directly in the integrated app. Let conference guests reach the right staff at the touch of a button and streamline fire protection work with modern tools.

Safe work

Combining the telephony system with staff alarms is often economically advantageous, and at the same time shows that you care about the best interests of your staff.

Always reachable

Staff can reach each other throughout the building, regardless of cellular coverage. Telephony, two-way radios, apps, video calls and quick handling of assignments. With our solutions there are lots of possibilities.

Critical alarms

We want to save time and steps. Integrate fire alarms, sprinklers, Property Management System (PMS) systems via Oracle’s FIAS (Fidelio Interface Application Specification) protocol, email or other systems.

Do you want to improve the customer experience while increasing the security of your employees?

Related case story

Sweden’s oldest hotel uses a smart communication solution

When the Hotel Continental du Sud was looking for a new communication system, they chose SMART1. Internally, the system can be used to improve service to guests by calling out staff when the reception area is busy. It can also be used to get help if a situation arises where a guard needs to be called.

“It feels good as an employer to be able to give our employees this security. The new system has also linked the emergency alarms from the rooms so that it comes in the staff’s units when a guest presses them. Then we can find the person who needs help quickly,” says Martin Jönsson.