Security solutions for hospitals

solutions for hospitals

We offer hospital-specific security solutions

COBS offers professional paging, DECT, VoWiFi/LTE system solutions with alarms and notifications. We also offer door phone/intercom and access control systems.

COBS has extensive experience in providing communication and mobility solutions for hospitals and healthcare facilities. We understand that healthcare environments can be complex and diverse, which is why we offer tailored solutions designed to suit each individual organization.

We offer a broad portfolio of smart mobile devices, healthcare terminals with customized functionality for professional use by healthcare providers and others.

They are based on a specially adapted Android platform and, thanks to their recognized reliability in the hospital world, are used with Medical Device Regulation (MDR) applications such as Philips CareEvent.

Our intercom products in the 2N portfolio provide user-friendly and reliable communication with visitors, both in terms of intercom and access control. Intercom is the first interaction and first impression for a visitor, therefore we have chosen to deliver premium products with the best quality from Axis and 2N.

Faster communication in emergencies

In a hospital environment, fast communication is mission critical and can be the difference between life and death. Our solutions ensure that healthcare professionals can communicate immediately and effectively in emergency situations. By coordinating efforts and responding to emergency needs quickly, our solutions help save lives and improve the quality of care.

Safety for both staff and patients

We are committed to maintaining a safe working environment for both staff and patients within the hospital environment. Our range of security solutions includes personal alarms with positioning, providing additional protection and a sense of security.

COBS also contributes to a quiet healthcare environment through smart integration, filtering and alarm management directly to the responsible healthcare provider. The COBS solution minimizes the risk of alarm fatigue and reduces the need for public or departmental announcements and alarms.

Alarm fatigue is a condition where caregivers become overloaded and desensitized by the constant sound of clinical alarms. The problem of alarm fatigue has recently become significant.

For both the patient and the caregiver, quiet environments should be sought as much as possible. Quiet healthcare environments lead to a calmer working environment for staff and a proven faster recovery time for patients. Examples of solutions to minimize unnecessary noise from alarms, include a higher degree of modernization and digitalization with concepts such as:

Silent alarms that involve sending a silent signal and vibration to the staff pager/phone. This avoids beeps and flashes from equipment in the hospital corridor.

Escalation chains, where the signal is passed on to the next person if the first person cannot take the alarm. This contributes to safe alarm chains and increased quality assurance of care.

Use of a messaging platform, applications and trusted mobile devices where staff can receive alerts and direct alerts to specific workgroups and devices.

Mobile device monitoring systems and integration with a centralized environment where mobile devices, radio environment, alarms and calls are logged so that events can be retrospectively investigated, statistics extracted and modifications made if necessary.

By reducing the risk of accidents and incidents with a focus on both staff and patients, we create a safer and more secure healthcare environment where everyone involved can feel well cared for.

Easier integration and management

COBS solutions are designed to be easy to integrate with existing systems and easy to manage. We understand the importance of smooth operation and simplicity for our customers and offer support and assistance to ensure everything runs smoothly. Through this, we create a safer and more efficient working environment for healthcare professionals while improving communication and care for patients.

COBS is a trusted partner in the healthcare sector that can help create a safer and more efficient healthcare environment.


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Contact us today to learn more about our innovative hospital security solutions and how they can be customized for your workplace. We are here to support you in providing the best care and safety for both staff and patients.

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