Security solutions for industries

solutions for industries

Robust impact-resistant devices specially developed for the needs of heavy industry

Powerful products, specially developed for the needs of heavy industry or other demanding environments, such as roads and tunnels.

For improved communication, we focus on robust and impact-resistant devices with great sound quality. For increased safety and security, we supply lone worker alarms, assault alarms and precise indoor positioning.

Custom-built products for the harsh demands of industry

Many companies manage to reduce their personnel costs by using different types of technical equipment and automation. They are able to reduce the number of employees and thus lone working is becoming more common. To protect employees, our portable phones can be supplemented with automatic alarms in the form of a drop arm or integrated motion sensor.

The COBS C-31xx series of handsets are extra durable and suitable for harsh environments such as in industry. For environments with explosion risk, there are EX classified

  • FC4 EX handsets that also comply with the ATEX directives and
  • IEC for gas / dust according to European and international standards.

Integration for more possibilities

By integrating different systems with each other, such as fire alarms, operational alarms, surveillance cameras and door phones, you can significantly improve the workflow and save time, resources and energy.

Getting quick information in case of fire, burglary or production stoppage, for example, allows you to minimize time losses and prevent damage to both people and property.

Breaking / closing contacts are easily integrated into our alarm server for forwarding to phones or third party systems via IP, serial or relay contacts.

Robust & vandal-proof

Extremely robust and purpose-built devices with very impressive, clear and loud sound pressure, large buttons, hotline function, EX rating.


Wireless telephony solutions with system integration with processes, fire alarms and superior process systems, such as HMI/SCADA systems.

Collaborative alarms

Assault alarm with positioning, jolt alarm and automatic alarm if the user falls, stays still too long or starts running.

Access control

Entry phones for fast and secure access control. Features as needed – camera, keypad, speed dial, QR code, BLE/bluetooth, NFC etc.

Do you need a stable, secure solution for alarms and/or communication?

We help you communicate quickly and efficiently with each other, personal alarms are included in the solution.

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