Security solutions for infrastructure

solutions for infrastructure

Increase security at bridges, tunnels & ports

At COBS, we understand that infrastructure security solutions play a crucial role in maintaining stability and safety in society. With today’s complex risk factors, the need for robust security systems is more apparent than ever.

These solutions, especially in areas such as roads, tunnels and ports, are designed to protect critical societal facilities from accidents, threats and other emergencies.

Efficiency in emergencies

By integrating advanced monitoring and communication systems, these solutions enable rapid response and effective management of emergencies, ultimately promoting the safety of both facilities and residents.

In addition to minimizing the risks of disruption and damage, infrastructure security solutions also enable efficient daily operations and resource use, contributing to a resilient and sustainable societal infrastructure.

Zenitel’s security solutions

Zenitel is known for delivering high-performance, robust solutions for sound quality and voice communication especially in open landscapes, large premises and noisy environments. These products are often used in environments where reliable and secure communication is of utmost importance. You may know Zenitel under its older brands such as Vingtor and Stentofon.

With this product portfolio, COBS focuses on meeting the needs primarily in the following sectors:

Infrastructure such as roads, bridges, tunnels, ports

Schools & department stores

Security institutions
such as jails, prisons, defense facilities

The products are designed to cope with demanding environments while delivering outstanding sound quality. Zenitel’s products are advantageously linked to higher-level camera and surveillance systems and can also act as gate telephony, access control and PA systems for announcements in situations where fast communication is crucial, for example in emergency situations in connection with evacuation or entry.

What we at COBS offer

COBS offers more than just advanced security solutions – we deliver technical excellence and reliable support. Our high level of expertise in security systems ensures customized solutions and dedicated technical support throughout the entire process, from planning to maintenance.

By choosing COBS, you not only get state-of-the-art products from leading companies like Zenitel, but also a long-term partner focused on meeting your specific security needs.

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Northern Europe’s largest road tunnel project acquired an advanced and robust emergency IP telephone system from COBS. The telephone system is designed with redundancy so that failures do not affect the ability to communicate, and is both weatherproof and vandal-proof.