Security solutions in marine businesses

solutions for marine businesses

We offer security solutions for ships and other offshore installations

A wireless communication solution that provides increased safety and accessibility for the crew on board by combining critical alarm, messaging and telephony – a local solution with reliable and seamless coverage throughout the ship.

Crew on board can feel secure in the knowledge that they can contact each other, answer calls and be available to passengers at all times.

A modern, safe and secure solution on board

For the interaction between the different activities of a ship to work, good communication is required. Control, timing, safety and reliability are particularly important.

Being able to receive a message from the bridge or get an early indication from the engine room that something is wrong is crucial for safety on board. Getting fire alarms directly to your handset minimizes time loss and prevents damage to both passengers and property.

With COBS Versity you have everything in one unit with full coverage throughout the ship.

  • Red button alarms for lone workers
  • Critical messages and alarms – e.g. fire, security, machine or MOB alarms
  • WLAN – for mobile access to data
  • BLE/Bluetooth – for connecting to a headset or for precise locationing
  • NFC – for guard route, presence and access control
  • Push-To-Talk (PTT) – two-way radio for instant communication with predefined groups.
  • Telephony – for direct mobile communication

Security for staff

Assault alarm and portable communication with telephony, apps and push-to-talk (PTT) in one device.

Safety at sea

Integration with a ship’s vital functions such as fire alarms, sprinklers, machinery and more.

Communication for all

Integration with telephony, hotlines for internal and external calls.

Operation & maintenance

Maintenance-free installations with hardware or virtual installations in your servers.

A wireless communication solution for voice, messaging and alarm with high reliability

Guest services

Is something missing in the cabin, does the guest need help? With quick referral to employees and feedback on action/assignment, lead times are shortened – the guest experiences a better service!

Always reachable

Always being reachable and reaching others increases availability while on duty. If you are off duty, the handset is put in silent mode, only high-priority messages or alarms break through.

Working safely

In some situations you may feel insecure. Then it can be nice to know that help is just a keystroke away and that you know where you are. With precise positioning we can handle all situations, we have many years of experience in complex environments.

Critical alarms

Integration between different systems breaks barriers and streamlines response time. Connecting the fire alarm with plaintext information directly to the handset saves important time and can be crucial. Connect fire alarms, sprinklers and other critical alarms directly to our alarm server.

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