Security solutions for retail & shopping centres

solutions for retail & shopping centres

Communication solutions for cashiers as well as for mobile employees

In retail, working alone is common, money is handled and there is a risk of robbery.

By using smart, wireless phones and assault alarms, you can increase security and at the same time improve communication with higher efficiency and faster workflow as a result. We deliver customized, flexible and scalable solutions for both small and large companies.

Smart communication for high customer service in retail

Being able to call or be reached from anywhere in the building increases accessibility and strengthens collaboration between colleagues, resulting in higher levels of service and customer satisfaction. COBS Versity is a communication solution for cashiers as well as mobile workers.

The entire workforce can easily contact each other, answer calls and be available to customers at the same time. The ability to document, inventory and check stock balances directly on the phone increases efficiency and reduces unnecessary waste.

We combine alarms with telephony, two-way radio and apps, so you get everything in one device.

  • Integration with telephone exchange for speech
  • Information from vending machines, coolers, freezers, alarmed doors, emergency exits and other operational alarms.
  • Clear communication with colleagues individually or in groups
  • The ability to alert security guards in unsafe situations
  • Integrated professional barcode scanner for quick and easy product information, inventory, etc.
  • Use the camera for documentation
  • Integration with camera surveillance, camera alarms
  • Integration with fire alarms provides detailed alarm information directly to the right person to speed up action.

Entry phones

We have entry phones in a variety of designs. Perfect if you have a loading dock or delivery intake that you want to keep locked but quickly open.


Our products can be integrated with surveillance cameras, fire alarms, operational alarms or business systems to have everything in one place.

Collaborative alarms

Small portable assault alarms that work no matter where you are in the building. Alarms are sent to colleagues or directly to security guards.


Quick contact with colleagues, individual or group calls via two-way radio. Speaking customer messages.

A communication solution adapted to your needs and wishes

COBS develops tailor-made complete solutions for small and large companies, whether it is a local solution, centralized, or cloud service you need. Products and functions are combined and customized as desired. 

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