Security solutions for school safety – Lockdown, evacuation & daily communication

solutions for school safety

School communication with a focus on safety

We create safe and secure end-to-end solutions for school communication, with the main objective of protecting students, staff and visitors.

The combination of critical alarms, telephony & loudspeaker announcements not only results in increased safety in crisis situations, but thanks to the possibility to perform group calls, all calls or break signals, daily communication is also improved.

The school should be a safe place

More and more people are discussing security measures for our schools. Features such as spoken entry and exit, locked doors and surveillance cameras are common topics of conversation and all contribute to increasing safety.

Ensuring your school has a crisis communication system is an important step in creating a safe environment for students, staff and visitors. We offer everything from simple solutions for entry and evacuation to effective intercom solutions and advanced security solutions.

  • Lockdown – When it’s safest for students and school staff to stay indoors.
  • Evacuation – In case of fire or danger when it is inappropriate to stay indoors.
  • Lock-out – When violence occurs in the schoolyard and it is safest to lock the school for the perpetrator.
  • Daily communication – Conversation between teacher and principal, loud announcements to students and visitors.

For both crisis & everyday life

IP speakers for everyday calls, for entry & exit messages in an emergency and for music and break signals.

Extra high volume

High-volume horn speaker with clear sound for the best possible hearing comprehension even in noisy environments and outdoors.

Easy to use

Easy-to-use speaker call devices for zone or all speakers. To make calls and view system information. All from one device.

Security at the entrance

Vandal-resistant entry phone with good sound quality. Serves as a protective shell and enables remote opening of doors.

We encourage more schools to review their preparedness and develop a well-thought-out plan for alarms and communication. Being able to act quickly in an emergency, and trusting that the right information reaches everyone in the school, creates security and, in extreme cases, can be life-changing. We tailor our solutions to each school’s needs and wishes.

What is school safety?

COBS school safety solutions ensure that the sender always has full control over who receives the emergency message and when.

In a situation of ongoing deadly violence or threat, our solution allows students, staff and visitors to be reached by the right loudspeaker emergency message by simply listening.

It happens in real time and without interaction – fast, efficient and clear! This saves time, and time is critical in an emergency. This is school safety in our opinion!

  • School safety today

  • In our experience, most schools do not have an effective solution to reach everyone quickly in the event of a crisis.

    Writing and reading crisis messages is not time-optimized and efficient. Who has the peace of mind to unlock their phone, open the right app and then compose a message, while a potential perpetrator is already in the school building?

    Moreover, not everyone in the building is reached by this solution, and receipt of the crisis message is on the recipient’s terms. It is not effective or safe in an emergency situation.

  • A communication solution with added value

  • The COBS communication solution is an effective tool in everyday life.

    Internal calls are made quickly and easily between colleagues in the whole or selected parts of the school, regardless of whether the school consists of one or several buildings. It is time-saving and flexible without shifting the staff’s focus on teaching more than necessary.

    A solution with great added value for all parties.

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