Security solutions within the security sector

solutions within health & social care

We offer safety and security for staff in vulnerable environments where there may be threats or violence

With our critical communication products, we want to increase the safety and security of staff in vulnerable environments, such as prisons or forensic psychiatry.

By using proven and robust alarm and voice technology, our solutions achieve high reliability and can both improve and secure communication. The systems are flexible and scalable, making them adaptable as required, with features that can be added as the business changes.

Highest possible security

The right information to the right person at the right time

Our handsets and alarm transmitters can issue alarms at given positions, as reminders to oneself or as alarms to colleagues. An automatic alarm can also be sent in case of a fall or a change in a normal movement pattern. By pressing the alarm button, help can be summoned at any time, no matter where in the building the person is and completely independent of cellular coverage.

Our alarm and communication products are designed to be used in the most diverse environments. The products can be combined and the functions adapted to your specific needs and wishes:

  • Extra rugged phones with alarm functions for maximum security
  • Pagers, smartphones and two-way radios as a single work tool in a modern design with a smart combination of technologies for extra security.
  • Compact text receiver with alarm button
  • Small and handy alarm transmitters, with or without positioning.

Receiving information quickly is often the key to making the right decision at the right time. Whether it’s a fire alarm on the 118th floor or an assault alarm from a security guard in the garage. Time is critical, which is why we have integrated a unique, clear interface via our alarm server that indicates via icons and colors the type of alarm received and the action to be taken.

High security

Durable phones with the highest level of security to keep staff safe. Assault alarms, jolt alarms, no-movement alarms, run, fall and position alarms.


Our solutions are built on open standards and can be integrated with other platforms such as; Lenel OnGuard, Pacom Unison, Integra, Nordic Integral and fire alarm systems.

Critical communication

Vandal-resistant products designed for critical communications in extreme environments. Emergency phone, call point, cellular communication and advanced answering devices.


With precise positioning, colleagues or guards can quickly and easily locate an alarmed person.

Do you want to increase the security of your employees?

Is there a risk of violence and/or threats? Do you need alarms for lone workers? We can help to create a workplace where staff always have the ability to alert and contact colleagues when needed, or to have continuous monitoring in really critical applications.

Related case story

Assault alarms and critical communications at a prison in Belgium

Poort van Beveren is a prison of about 30,000 m² with room for over 300 inmates. The facility has an IP-DECT system with assault alarms and secure telephony system from COBS installed to keep the employees safe.

For maximum security, the system has been supplemented with positioning, which means that you can quickly see exactly where the person who has raised the alarm is located.