Our products are designed to create a "piece of mind" for staff working in demanding environments.

Give your staff a piece of mind, give them the tools to communicate more effecient and in urgent situations the ability to raise an alarm easily and fast. We know how to create a safe work environment, COBS delivers security solutions to for nursecall environments, correctional facilities, retail and industry. Our close coopertaion with our partners and customers enables us to deliver tailored made solutions to specific customer needs.



By system integration you can view the information, for example from a fire alarm or staff attack alarm, directly in your phone or on a corridor display. With our alarm features you can create a safer working environment, watch our animations:


COBS AB Gothenburg (Headquarter)
Norra Långebergsgatan 4
SE-421 32 Västra Frölunda
+46 31 33 33 840

COBS AB Stockholm
Girovägen 13
SE-175 62 Järfälla
+46 8 621 16 75

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