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World class guest service

Our technology helps you to improve the guest experience. A simple wireless call point at the reception desk or a sophisticated interactive integration on your website.

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Modern, wireless & only for work

Smarter communication throughout the building. Increased efficiency for both desk and mobile staff. Built in walkie-talkie for all mobile workers and seamless communication

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Staff protection for mobile workers

Handsets and wireless buttons equipped with precise location help people to react faster in distress situations. Your staff security is our first priority.

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Smarter integration for your systems

Solutions based on open standards with modern technology. Our customers get more out of their investments when they connect systems together.

SMART1 - Hotel


Service minded - both for guests and for employees. Improve housekeeping response time and make the work more intuitive. Report room status via an app or help the housekeeping feel more secure by precise location when they are in distress situations.


Make and receive telephony calls, improve your team communication and reduce response times with integrated walkie talkie. Watch who is at the front door before letting them in. Receive text messages on the fly from any connected system. Everything is possible.

securitySAFE AT WORK

If staff security is essential, then you will love our solutions. There is nothing like the sense of feeling secure, with our solutions you carry the personal alarm button always with you. You do not need to remember a special device, the alarm button is always there on your phone.


The majority of our solutions has an integration to a fire alarm system. If you get the alarm directly in the palm of your hand, with precise information of what to do, might save a life, or maybe help you to avoid an evacuation of your building.


Five Star communications!

trådlösWIRELESS  snabbFAST
modernMODERN  säkerSECURE

  cloud   virtual server  onsite
Cloud, virtual or onsite solution

How would you prefer your telephony solution? We gladly explain the differences and can deliver all three solutions, it is your decision....


DECT Solutions for Hotels

Reliable communication between departments
Provide champion service and protect lone workers. Have a high clarity communication device with all the functions of a pager and alarm in one stylish, slim handset. DECT is tried and tested, a cost effective communication solution, used to connect different departments easily, without the reliance of mobile phones. Full two-way speech communication, text and data messaging and more...

Lone worker protection
The handsets can be supplied with precise positioning. Knowing the location of staff helps to increase security. Clear, coloured graphics provide a quick and easy view of any situation. Alerts can be grouped by colour with the most important at the top. Speed, accuracy and control are the watchwords of this solution.

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