Control, timing, accurancy and speed is essential within the Marine sector. Receiving messages from the bridge or early warning indications from the machine room, at the right time to the right person is crucial for the security and safety on board.

Communication och integration
Our technology is in many ways adopted and developed to suit the needs of the marine installations. Some of our products are tested according to marine standards to suit the harsh environment that is within a vessel, cruise liner or ferry.

To build a communication solution that works trouble free within a ship built of steel is very demanding, we know how from many years of experience.


COBS Messaging server is tested and approved for interoperability with the majority of the fire alarm vendors and can easily be adopted to communicate with sprinkler systems, alarm monitoring system or CCTV solutions. Integration towards PBX:S is also done for voice connections most oftenly thru SIP. Todays fllet of vessels, cruiseliners and other ships is more or less constantly connected thru satellite connections.

Alarm och communication in critical situations

The staff on board works in harsh environment and often alone. Some of our handsets are equipped with lone worker protection, dedicated alarm button. If you want to know where someone in a distress situation are, add on locations and you we can tell on a very precise scale where a person is.

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