Our goal is to protect and secure employees. Most of the people chosing our solutions, experience an unsafe environment, for example in prisons or pychiatric hospitals. It is crucial to be able to receive detailed alarm information and always to have the ability to communicate with the outside world.

Safer staff and correct information to the right person
Our phones can alarm at given positions as a reminder, and they can send an alarm if you fall or if your normal movement patterns are changed. Furthermore, you can press the red alarm button and call for help at any time.

Being able to quickly receive information is often the key to making the right decisions at the right time. Whether it's an fire alarm from the 118th floor or if it is a panic alarm from a security guard in the garage.

Icons and alarm list
To decrease response time we have developed an integrated and unique graphical interface that through icons and colors clearly indicates the type of alarm received and the action to be taken.

Positioning for optimal safety

Our technology keeps track of where the employees are in indoor environments and presents it graphically in case something happens. We use exact indoor positioning utilizing RFID technology with very precise installations.

Our technology solutions will help to keep in touch with colleagues, giving speech cability, to alert if needed, or to obtain a continuous monitoring of the really critical applications.


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