2N® Access Unit 2.0 Touch Keypad med BT & RFID (SECURED)

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2N® Access Unit 2.0 Touch-knappsats & Bluetooth & RFID - 125 kHz, säkrad 13,56 MHz, NFC, PICard-kompatibel

This versatile smart reader combines three access technologies in a single device and offers users maximum flexibility. Supplement the increasingly popular mobile access with backups such as PIN codes in case, for example, residents come home and their phone is out of battery. Traditionalists can still use RFID cards, which can also be encrypted using 2N® PICard technology. This is particularly useful in office projects.

  • 3 åtkomstteknologier i 1 läsare
  • Mobil åtkomst med PIN-kod som säkerhet
  • Kompatibel med 2N® PICard-teknik

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