2N® Access Commander Box (replaced by 1120120 )

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Prevent the entry of unauthorized persons to your building with the 2N IP Access Control system. The nerve centre of the whole system is 2N® Access Commander with its simple and intuitive user interface.

Replaced by 

2N Access Commander Box 2.0 will be available from the beginning of June. The 2.0 model introduces a faster and more capable device. Full specification and marketing images will be supplied closer to the launch date.

The order number for this new model is 1120120

See "Discontinuation of 2N Access Commander Box"

2N® Access Commander pre-installed on a compact mini PC, optimised for 50 devices and 1000 users.

Preconfigured PC with Access Commander Sotware and Basic license for 50 users, 5 hardwares and 1 administrator.
Is deliverd without PC Mouse, keyboard and computer screen

Features & Benefits

Access control configuration
Configure the access rights for employees and staff in your organization. Specify who has the access to a particular door or zones during a specific time.

Up and running within a minute
Simply take the PC out of the box, place it to secure place, connect a power supply and Ethernet cable and start using it!

Designed for SME installations
This small compact computer with pre-installed 2N® Access Commander is optimized for 50 devices and 1000 users and perfectly fits any type of SME installation.

Intuitive operation via a web interface
Everything is set up via intuitive, user-friendly web interface tailored to user’s needs and available in 7 different languages.

Built-in Time & Attendance (optional license)
Time & Attendance system is a native part of 2N® Access Commander. It records the attendance of employees which can be seen via the web interface or export to XLS or CSV file.

Device monitoring and notifications
With one glance you find out if all devices are up and running without any trouble. In case of any alarm or disconnection admin is immediately informed by email or via notification icon.

Visitor card management
Let your receptionist effectively manage visitor’s card directly in 2N® Access Commander. The visitors will have only time-limited access to the specific locations and their movement can be monitored.

Access logs supplemented by snapshots
Selected access logs and alarm notifications such as door forced open alarm are supplemented by a sequence of pictures from 2N IP intercom.

User presence report
Check if your colleague is in the office or print the list of all users present in the company with their last location for emergency cases such as building evacuation.

Bulk management of 2N devices
For larger installations, you can take the advantage of the option to copy settings between 2N devices and manage them from a single location.

Technical Parameters

The 2N® Access Commander Box is an access control software pre-installed on an ultra-compact, small, and powerful computer.
Just complement with keyboard, mouse and screen

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