IP Verso – modularity with or without built-in camera

A modular & secure intercom, for your building, for your network and for your own security.
IP Verso is durable, works perfectly in environments from -40° to +60°C and withstands sudden weather changes. Communication on the IP network is secured via https, sips, tls, srtp and 802.1x protocols and thanks to a closed OS, IP-verso is highly resistant to attacks by hackers.

The freedom to choose functions via modules, the robustness and durability are the most important functions for demanding customers. When you take into account the fact that IP Verso also excels in its appealing design, we dare say that you probably won’t find an equally good and flexible product on the intercom market.

IP-Verso with camera item no.: 9155101C (supplied without frame)
IP-Verso without camera item no.: 9155101 (supplied without frame)