2N® IP Intercom – Enhanced Audio license

SKU: 9137905

“User recorded messages and sounds
Automatic audio test
Noise detection”

What other products follow this license scheme?

2N IP intercoms, 2N® SIP Audio Converter, 2N® SIP Speaker and 2N® SIP Speaker Horn, which already come with preloaded Gold license, so the only possible upgrades is InformaCast.

2N® Access Unit, which already comes with preloaded Security and Integration licenses, so the only upgrade is NFC license. Other licenses are not applicable to 2N® Access Unit. Please note that the NFC license has a different ordering number for 2N® Access Unit: 916012. 


 Full HTTP API function is available with the Gold or Enhanced Integration license only. Only Camera API and Switch API are available without this license.


Extended switch setting options – quick dial button switch activation, switch time profile.

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