CMS License for Web IMS Application

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This license enables the "Improved Messaging Service, IMS" application, making it possible to convert old fashioned text messages (using for example ESPA) into new alarms with modern design and more intelligence. Within healthcare most commonly are nurses alerted by a corridor display and the alarm needs physical presence in the room to be acknowledged. This creates stress and unnecessary disturbance. Thanks to the IMS features, staff using wireless devices such as the SMART1, can acknowledge the calls from wherever they are located within the facility, thereby improving the speed and efficiency and creating more convenience in the response.

IMS is built as a webservice inside the CMS utilizing the endless possibilities of integrated web engine.

  • IMS vitalizes your existing nurse call system and makes it look and behave like a new one
  • Improving the user experience and takes stress away
  • Adds new ways of working to old technology

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